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          Join us in taking the Great Kindness Challenge!




          The Great Kindness Challenge

          The Great Kindness Challenge is one week dedicated to creating a culture of kindness and compassion on campuses worldwide.  Our school is proudly participating in this proactive and positive kindness initiative.

          The Great Kindness Challenge weekly schedule of activities

          The Great Kindness Challenge List of ActivitiesWe encourage all students and families participate by to completing as many acts of kindness as possible.  Together, let’s show the world that KINDNESS MATTERS!


          Geogia Cyber Academy is proud to be a Kindness Certified School!


          School Certificate

          Kindness Certified School 2020


          Great Kindness Challenge Photo Gallery

          photo of school owl mascot holding %22kindness matters%22 sign

          Champ, School Mascot

          a woman holding a %22kindness matters%22 sign

          Kelly Collins, HS Counselor 

          a boy holding a sign: %22kindness matters%22

          Kayden M. 2nd Grade

          kindness matters because it makes the world a better place :)

          Adyn B. 3rd Grade

          a girl holding a kindness matters sign

          Sarai T. 7th Grade

          school owl mascot hugging school superintendent

          Champ hugging Angela Lassetter, District Superintendent

          school owl mascot holding the door open

          Champ holding the door open for Shelia Vance Tisby, HR Assistant

          a group of people standing with school owl mascot, Champ

          The Enrollment and Records team with Champ

          Kindness Matters: It is important to be kind because if you want to be treated good treat others good

          Marleigh B. 1st Grade

          boy holding hand-written letter to his grandmaw

          Jesse H. 2nd Grade

          child holding a sign: %22Mrs. Baka%22

          Rodney D. 1st Grade

          please remember kindness matters!!!

          Emma N. 7th Grade, Hayden N. 3rd Grade

          kindness matters

          G'Nia B. 5th Grade

          a girl making a heart shape with her hands

          Lileigh C. 5th Grade

          be kind and say something nice randomly

          Aaryanna C. 3rd Grade

          kindness matters.  be kind at GCA

          Tai'Asia H. 12th Grade

          always be kind

          Aven C. 5th Grade

          a girl hugging a cat

          Liliana L. 3rd Grade

          a boy holding a sign %22It's Cool to be Kind%22

          Kyron B. 3rd Grade

          a child holding the door open

          Mya M. 3rd Grade

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